On September 19, 2019 JPM’s managing member (Justin Mohler) attended his quarterly Strategic Coach™ meeting in Chicago, Illinois.  Justin spent the day with  approximately 20 other successful entrepreneurs, looking to make their  businesses even better while maintaining a healthy balance between Free Days™, Focus Days™ and Buffer Days™.  Justin’s coach (Lee Brower) was again a great leader and helped set the tone for the entire day by going BIG (Beginning In Gratitude). A few of Lee’s stories were burned into Justin’s memory and when he recalls Lee’s passion and willingness to help the group, Justin felt humbled to be part of the group.

Since joining the Strategic Coach™ program, Justin has continually been challenged to think differently about our business, the importance of our team and clients, as well as how it all impacts our personal lives and family.  A few of the Justin’s most thought provoking and remembered comments from the day in Chicago are as follows: