Success Story

Getting (Money) Back to School

JPM had called on an Ohio public school district for several months to determine if we could help them review certain purchases for inadvertent tax payments. After several conversations, the school district agreed to engage JPM for the review.

Fixing Others’ Mistakes

After sharing our strategy with the business and their current accounting firm, they concluded that JPM’s assistance would not be needed. Instead, the business decided to move forward with its accounting firm and filed for sales tax refunds. Approximately twelve months later, the business owner called JPM indicating that the sales tax refunds had been denied. They asked if we would be willing to help.

Why Deeper Understanding Works

JPM was approached by a private ambulance business owner who was struggling to make payroll and
was way behind in paying its vendors. He asked if we could help dig into their business determine what
was happening and where the money was going.